David Moed

I am a coder

… and this is my handwriting.


Who Is David Moed?

I am a programmer, web developer, business developer, student, entrepreneur, and aspiring chef from New Jersey. After high-school I left home to serve in the Israeli Defense forces, fulfilling my life’s dream, before coming to NYU to study computer science, web development, and business. I love cooking, playing soccer, watching hockey, and a nice cold beer. Start-ups are my passion and you’ll probably find me outside reading about lean start-ups and the next big unicorn when I take a break from coding. I added my own handwriting font to my site to give it my own personal twist.




Every business requires the ability to constantly pivot and rise above new obstacles. I have worked, and am working, to be ready to tackle these challenges quickly and effectively when they arise.



I am studying computer science in NYU. To me coding is both a useful, practical skill and a new way of thinking. The logic that controls each and every algorithm can be applied to everyday life as well.



My passion for web development began with an intro to web design class and I have since worked to expand my knowledge base and learn the ins and outs of front-end and back-end coding, as well as the finer points of free lancing.



Learning is my passion and I’m a firm believer that the best way to learn is by doing. No matter what I am attempting I love tackling a challenging problem and learning from those who have done it before.

Check out my portfolio for an idea of how I put these skills into action!
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Professional experience

Summer 2017

Zuznow (Conversation.one)

Development Intern

I joined the Zuznow team for a summer internship in Tel Aviv to hone my coding skills and make connections in a new and exciting place for tech. Zuznow, with their new project Conversation.one, have made an amazing solution for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home:

  • Developed integrated logging system to allow users to troubleshoot as they program.
  • Redesigned and updated login pages for use across the application front end.
  • Created multiple Alexa skills such as a recipe recommendation and mortgage quote skills.
  • Updated application documentation including JSDOCs documentation and tooltip tours.

2016 – 2017

A Thing Design

Full Stack Web Developer

I worked as a full stack developer at A Thing Design. I helped drive growth by always being on the lookout for new clients and I did lots of coding including:

  • Developed responsive website wireframes utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Developed multiple sites on WordPress.
  • Created full databases with web page integration.
  • Improved functionality on multiple sites using JavaScript, PHP5 and MySQL.
  • Worked on site maintenance to update and maintain site performance and content.

2015 – 2016


VP Communications

I joined the SeatServe team to learn about all things business and worked in marketing, sales, financial modelling, and a plethora of other skillsets. Here are a few things I accomplished:

  • Primary responsibilities included growth hacking, stadium acquisition, and branding.
  • Created dynamic marketing/pitch decks for Coca-Cola Enterprises, multiple stadiums, and various investor meetings.
  • Created and maintained an extensive CRM utilizing both Microsoft Excel and Salesforce
  • Created and executed stadium acquisition plan that was implemented to target 250+ stadiums.
  • Spearheaded branding projects for multiple aspects of the business.
  • Created operational plans for Tamid groups across multiple campuses.
  • Extensively researched the sports concessions market regarding stadiums, concession companies, competitors, technological improvements, etc.
  • Created manuals and videos to improve customer experience and efficiency.

2013 – 2014

Israeli Defense Forces


I joined the Israeli Military to fulfill my life’s dream and to serve in the most meaningful way I possibly could at age 19. I served for over a year as a sharpshooter in the 890th brigade of the paratroopers.

  • Position leader tasked with the safety and responsibility for the entire platoon.
  • Forward sharpshooter responsible for finding and eliminating forward threats.
  • Deployed in Operation Brother’s Keeper.
  • Deployed in Operation Protective Edge.


2014 – 2018

New York University

College of Arts and Sciences
  • Major: Computer Science
    1. Intro to Computer Programming: Python
    2. Intro to Computer Science: Java
    3. Discrete Math
    4. Data Structures: Java
    5. Computer Systems and Organizations: C
    6. Basic Algorithms: Java/Pseudocode
    7. Social Networks: Python
  • Minor: Web Development
    1. Intro to Web Design: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Photoshop
    2. Interactive Computing: P5 Processing
    3. Applied Internet Technology: Javascript
  • Business/Marketing
    1. Ideation and Prototyping
    2. Intro to Micro-Economics
    3. Intro to Macro-Economics
    4. Math for Economics I: Calculus
    5. Introduction to Marketing
    6. Management and Organizations


Freelance Web Consulting

Donating time and expertise to help charities express themselves


Knock Knock Give a Sock

Web Consultant
  • Optimizing front end design and functionality for kkgs.org.


Buy For Good

Web Consultant

Campus Involvement

Engaging and creating communities at NYU

2015 – PRESENT

Realize Israel

Founding Member
  • Created, designed, and programmed website: realizeisrael.com
  • Assigned executive board and management team.
  • Planned, organized, and hosted multiple events highlighting Israeli culture and the conflicts of the Middle East that have engaged over 1500 students.
  • Spearheaded major entrepreneurship event, working with multiple companies, organizations, and clubs.
  • Created pro forma income statements ensuring financial stability as we expand and partner with various charitable organizations.

2014 – PRESENT


  • Created marketing platforms to drive customer acquisition and brand recognition.
  • Conducted extensive market research for expanding markets, competitors, etc.
  • Working with multiple companies in different fields provided me with a small window into how each market operates and illustrated the common challenges and complications that small businesses and start-ups face.

Other Important Causes

2014 – PRESENT

Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center

VP Young Leadership/Founding Member of US Board
  • Coordinated all young professional and student events in New York Area.
  • Liaised with Board Members to help raise funds within their different industries.
  • Engaged in hands-on volunteer opportunities such as fundraising, delivering packages to current lone soldiers, arranging adequate housing conditions for lone soldiers off base, staffing LSC events for potential draftees and current soldiers, etc.


  • New York Stock Exchange Next Gen Bootcamp July 2015
  • VP Education and Israel Events: Amit Future Leaders Initiative 2014-present
  • Selected Board Member: Chabad House Bowery 2014-2017
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